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Navigating The WSOP Prelims

by Andrew Brokos |  Published: Aug 21, 2013


The World Series of Poker is unique in the wide range of players it attracts. I came to Las Vegas expecting to encounter the absolute best and the absolute worst players I’ll see all year, and the second $1,500 no-limit event I played delivered both. Some of the key hands I played in that tournament illustrate the kinds of adaptations you should make when dealing with such a diverse field. In the early levels, I had some fun with open limping. The first time I did it was under-the-gun (UTG) with K-Q suited. Blinds were 25-25, and someone behind me raised to 50, which is just never a sign of strength. He got two calls, both also clearly weak, and when the action came back to me I made it 250 and took it down. At the 25-50 level, I limped in with a pair of fives, and then a ...

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