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by John Vorhaus |  Published: Aug 21, 2013


Back in the day (and I’m talking waaay back in the day, when $1-4 seven-card stud was not only a big game to me but likely the biggest game in the house) I used to use an image play that drove my opponents batcrap crazy. I would take a dollar bill, any old random one I happened to have on hand, and slowly, methodically, shred it into tiny, tiny bits. Then I would take these bits of ex-dollar and fluff them into a little pile by my chips. I played with the pile obsessively, breaking it down and building it up, just like a madman. I let a wild light come to my eye, but I really didn’t need to go so far. The mere act of shredding that dollar bill convinced my foes that I was definitely and unequivocally out to fricking lunch. It was a strong image play, ...

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