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Demystifying Thin Value Betting

by Ed Miller |  Published: Jan 23, 2013


I love getting poker ooohs. Poker ooohs are the sounds a table full of players make at a showdown when something remarkable has happened. They usually come in a big pot when the hands at showdown aren’t as strong as they’re supposed to be. Showdown ooohs come in two flavors. One comes when you make a big call with a weak hand and catch someone bluffing. The other comes when you bet a weak hand for a lot of money, get called, and win. I love getting both types of ooohs. When I hear someone oooh at me, I’m hearing them say, “Wow, I never would have made as much money from that hand.” If I’m regularly playing hands for big money differently from how my opponents would — and I’m winning at least a good share of these hands — then I’m doing something very right. If you’ve never ...

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