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Only Natural To Give Back

by Bernard Lee |  Published: Jan 23, 2013


When people ask me how I like my “new” job, I reply, “I don’t really feel like I have a job.” After originally working in corporate America for over 10 years, I love the mix of what I do in the world of poker; playing on tour against the best poker players in the world, being part of the poker media (writing columns for several publications such as for Card Player, doing commentary work for the WSOP Circuit live stream, and hosting my radio show, The Bernard Lee Poker Show and shows like ESPN Inside Deal) or teaching students about poker, whether in classes such as the WSOP Academy or privately. A couple of years ago, taking stock of how blessed my own family and I were, I decided that I needed to give back to the world, perhaps by helping out other families not as fortunate. With this thought ...

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