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Head Games: Have a Battle Plan for Maniacs and Loose-Aggressive Cash Game Tables

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Jan 23, 2013


The Pros: Lex Veldhuis, Matthew Janda, David Yan Craig Tapscott: How does your game shift and adjust when you’re at a very loose-aggressive cash table? Lex Veldhuis: When a table gets really loose-aggressive it kind of ties my hands. People expect me to be very loose regardless, so when a table gets really aggressive they won’t have a problem looking me up or playing high variance against me. I could do two things. 1) Play even more aggressive, which I don’t think is very viable. 2) I can tighten up a bit. I know I will get paid off when I have good hands now, and it’s something they won’t expect from me. The most important thing is to adjust and be unpredictable. How do they perceive your playing style? How do they think you will adjust? That is key. If you can be one step ahead of them in ...

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