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Men of Action: Harry S. Truman: America’s Poker Loving President

by Bob Pajich |  Published: Jan 23, 2013


Welcome to Card Player’s new series, Men of Action, which will explore the lives of some of history’s greatest gamblers and sportsmen. If any United States President should be in the Poker Hall of Fame, it’s Harry Truman. This was a man who loved to sit in a circle with friends and colleagues and play poker for hours on end. He truly loved to play poker and anticipated the games with childlike glee, writing: “You know, I’m almost like a kid – I can hardly wait to start!” When he first started wooing his wife, Bess, in 1911, he made sure to tell her about “playing cards and dancing,” two vices he did for fun that religious people may not have approved of, but, as he wrote, “I don’t feel badly about.” And why should he? Golf, and more recently, jogging and basketball, are ways Presidents relax, but not Truman. ...

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