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How the Hell did I Win this One?

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Mar 21, 2012


Poker hand values shouldn’t be quantified by their ranking, but by how they fare against your opponents’ ranges in the current situation. Of course, knowing how to quantify how they will perform involves accurately reading your opponents’ range as well as knowing how they will play. And sometimes, included in that range, you’ll get some nasty surprises. Some hands that appear to be super strong don’t play nearly as well as intuitive thoughts initially suggest when opponents also hold strong hands that dramatically affect your chances of winning. I was “all trapped up” holding the 8 7 on a J 10 9 board. I’d flopped the bottom-end straight and an open-ended straight flush draw giving me the false impression I was in “titanic holding” territory. In fact, my money was going to go in bad, very bad. That said, it was nothing getting extraordinarily lucky couldn’t cure! I had limped ...

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