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Head Games: Fix the Costly Leaks in Your Tournament Game

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Mar 21, 2012


Craig Tapscott: What advice can you share about leaks players have when it comes to bet sizing? Faraz Jaka: If you’re an amateur who doesn’t feel very comfortable at the table, then bet the same amounts when you have it as you would when you don’t have it. Top pair, flush draw, bluffs; it doesn’t matter, bet the same amount. It’s not rocket science and its pretty old news to most of you. My second answer is the exact opposite. If you are a professional or just looking to add edges, then start mixing it up! Overbet when you have it, when you’re on a draw, and when you have absolutely nothing. Experiment with different bet sizes in every single situation and see what happens. Most times you’ll learn it’s just be better to keep doing your normal sizing. But every once in a while you might discover something new ...

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