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Crushing Live Poker With Twitter

by Bart Hanson |  Published: Mar 21, 2012


Feb 20th – Sometimes you should use oversized chips to bet. It allows your opponents to keep track of pot size thus allowing you to value bet more. Recreational players do not keep close track of pot size. This becomes really evident when you see players make small bets in proportion to the pot, especially on the river. In fact, in some games, a $500 bet into a $2,000 pot represents a huge hand – not a one-fourth pot blocking bet as it would online. Part of the reason why players have so much trouble tracking pot size is due to the large amount of small denomination chips that are in play. In most of the southern California games at $5-$10 and below, casinos use only $5 and $100 chips. This leads to gigantic clusters of yellow ($5 chips) in large pots. If players aren’t doing the math street by ...

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