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Ready for Re-Entry

by Matt Matros |  Published: Mar 21, 2012


About a year ago, multi-entry tournaments were all the rage at a certain online poker room, now disgraced. I wrote a column extolling the innovative idea of allowing players to take up several seats in the same tournament at the same time. Of course, the idea would’ve worked a lot better if the online site running the events had had the funds to pay the winners. There’s no exact parallel in the brick-and-mortar poker world to multi-entry tournaments, but recently we may have come about as close as we’re likely to get. They’re called re-entry tournaments. The concept is simple: if you lose all your chips, you can buy in again. Sometimes you have to return the next day, and sometimes you can get right back in line, but the point is, in a re-entry tournament, you don’t necessarily bust when you bust. Action junkies love re-entry events. They get ...

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