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Ghosts of Commerce

by John Vorhaus |  Published: Jan 11, 2012


Author’s note: Time, circumstance, obligations, Black Friday and various other factors have conspired to keep me largely away from cardroom poker for quite some time. Places I used to frequent, such as the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, seem almost foreign and strange to me now. Thus, when I recently had the rare opportunity to play in a tournament there, I brought along a notebook, so that if my past attacked me, I’d at least be able to record the assault. Herewith, that record: The Commerce Casino. I’ve been away from this tournament scene for so long that I barely recall how it works. Where do I sign up? How do I register? I feel so out of touch. I blame Black Friday, of course… Black Friday that snipped Internet poker out of my life, performed a poker vasectomy – a pokerectomy – on my daily routine. I had expected ...

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