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Exploiting A Winning Image

by Ed Miller |  Published: Jan 11, 2012


Last issue I talked about how other players form opinions of you and how they will adjust their play based on those opinions. Most live no-limit players don’t think of you as being loose or tight, passive or aggressive. Instead they react most strongly to whether you’ve been winning or losing in the past few hours. When you’ve been winning, your opponents tend to avoid playing pots with you, and they’re less likely to try to run a bluff on you. For most people, these adjustments mean they’re playing worse against you than they normally do. Here’s how you can adjust your play to take advantage of this image. Fire The Turn Your opponents are going to defer to you by folding marginal hands and playing strong hands straightforwardly. If they flop a strong hand, they will tend to fastplay it more than they normally would to try to “end ...

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