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Switching From Online To Brick and Mortar Poker

Develop Four Neglected Skills ­— Part III

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Jan 11, 2012


Part I said that relying on software had made online players neglect four important live game skills: 1. Acquiring information. 2. Retaining it. 3. Retrieving it quickly. 4. Seeing relationships to other information such as drinking. Part II listed fourteen steps that will help you to develop these skills and then further discussed the first four: 1. Understand and work within your limitations. 2. Beware of your biases. 3. Play shorter sessions. 4. Use many information-acquisition techniques. 5. Hesitate and look left. 6. Take good notes. 7. Use checklists. 8. Exploit mutual reinforcement. 9. Constantly look for patterns. 10. Take enough time. 11. Narrow your focus. 12. Practice when you’re not in the pot. 13. Separate information from conclusions. 14. Propose, and then test hypotheses. This article will discuss the next three. Hesitate and Look Left. Most players look right to see what’s happened. They’ve got it backwards. You should ...

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