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Dressing For Success

by Ed Miller |  Published: Dec 14, 2011


A few weeks ago I observed a hand in a $2-$5 game in Las Vegas. A conventioneer limped in under the gun, a Serious Poker Player (identified by the oversized hoodie, iPod, flip flops, $2,000 stack, five days of scraggle, and perpetual scowl) raised to $30 from two off the button. The limper called. The limper checked and called a $50 flop continuation bet. The turn and river got checked down, and the tourist won holding 6-2 offsuit for a flopped pair of sixes. The Serious Poker Player scowled a little bit more than usual for a moment. A few hands later the conventioneer limped in and folded to a $30 raise from the same player. A few hands after that, the conventioneer folded preflop without limping in. What do you think the conventioneer’s preflop strategy is? Or rather, if he limps from under the gun with one of the ...

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