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A Poker Lesson In Backgammon

by John Vorhaus |  Published: Dec 14, 2011


So I’m playing backgammon with a friend of mine, and I have him out-pipped as we come down to the final two rolls. He needs to roll doubles twice in a row to beat me, and he’s just enough of a math geek to know the odds against that outcome. I’m not any kind of math geek, and only understand the odds as “long.” But the long odds come in, and double doubles gives him the win in the match. “Well, that happens,” I sigh as I set up for another game. This is backgammon, and even though we’re playing for money, I’m not likely to go on tilt. And even if I did go on tilt, this is backgammon, so my negative frame of mind probably wouldn’t hurt me so much. Poker, though, poker’s another story altogether. Because in poker, as in backgammon, bad outcomes happen to me every ...

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