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Card Player and I: Together Since The Beginning

by Bernard Lee |  Published: Dec 14, 2011


The first time I ever picked up a Card Player magazine was back around 1993. Long before I ever considered a career in the world of poker, I became a regular reader like you. As a youngster, my father taught me the basic concepts of poker. When I left home at 18, I honed my skills playing in a regular limit game throughout college. In May of 1992, one of my college game buddies suggested that we trek to a casino to play some poker. “Go all the way to Atlantic City?” I questioned, not realizing that Atlantic City casinos did not have poker (Atlantic City casinos did not get approval for poker until June 1993). Not Atlantic City…Connecticut. My buddy told me that a new Indian casino called Foxwoods Resort Casino had opened about an hour and half away from Boston. Since neither of us owned a car, we ...

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