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Mental Management

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Dec 14, 2011


Poker is not all about knowing the right play, that’s the easy part. You’ve got to train your mind to be able to function at a level to play well consistently, that’s the hard part. You must keep your mind and emotions under control as well as maintaining concentration, not an easy task for many people. Many very knowledgeable and bright players can’t beat the game due to their mental shortcomings. If you want to play world-class poker you need to develop the right mental skill sets and mindset. All of us let emotions influence us in varying degrees. Some people let emotional reactions dominate their lives. As a poker player, you need to make reason your only guiding force as it is the basis for playing well. Recognizing when you’re emotionally affected is the first step. Don’t be in denial. And, when you feel yourself starting to be emotionally ...

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