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Postflop Play in No-Limit Limpfests

Part One

by Matt Lessinger |  Published: Oct 05, 2011


If you’re lucky, you live near a card room with a lot of loose-passive players (LPPs). When you see a lot of preflop calling and hardly any check-raising, you know you’ve found a great game. Given the high overhead of brick-and-mortar play, “no-limit limpfests” like those are among the few games in which you can play for relatively low stakes and still make a decent long-term profit. Last month, we talked about the best way to take advantage of LPPs preflop. Specifically, you have to attack them when they limp by experimenting with larger-than-standard raises, preferably while in position. The idea is to learn how willing they are to call those raises with speculative hands. Usually the answer is, “Much more often than they should.” Let’s continue with the example we looked at last month. In a deep-stacked no-limit hold’em game with $1-$2 blinds, two LPPs limp for $2, you ...

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