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A Poker Life -- Devin Porter

Devin Porter Player Profile

by Brian Pempus |  Published: Oct 05, 2011


When former online poker pro Devin Porter walked into an interview for a tech-support position at a web-based company he took a page out of popularized con artist, turned financial fraud consultant Frank Abignale Jr.’s playbook. “I found out during the interview that they wanted someone with knowledge of xml, html, http, JavaScript, et cetera,” said Porter, who had his previous profession voided by Black Friday. “I have none of that, so I bull shitted my way through the whole thing knowing that I’d just have to learn their software quick and become valuable to the company before they figured out I was a hack job.” When questioned on one of the web-development qualifications, Porter went into a tangent relating the skill to online poker and playing 15 tables at once. When the feces flinging was over, Porter turned Abignale Jr. was offered the job. Despite the ability to finesse ...

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