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A Hand from Colombia

A Hand from Colombia

by Matthew Hilger |  Published: Oct 05, 2011


My wife is from Colombia, and we visit the country every year for four to five weeks. One of the great benefits of the international poker boom is that you now often can find games while playing internationally, no matter where you are. Poker is booming in Latin America. Five to six years ago, there wasn’t a poker game to be found in Colombia, at least not in Medellin. Now, there are casinos, Texas hold’em clubs, and weekly tournaments, and many, many new players are playing the game. This was an interesting hand that I played in a tournament on a visit to Medellin. There were 94 entrants in a $20 buy-in tournament. We started with 10,000 in chips, 20-minute levels, and the blinds were 50-100. This was the very first hand of the tournament. One or two players limp in. I limp on the button with 8-6 suited. Four ...

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