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Excerpts From the Big Game

by Todd Brunson |  Published: Jun 29, 2011


Just about every day, something happens in our game that I think most people would find hard to believe, or at least very funny. Sometimes I write columns about these events, but more often than not, they are far too short to fill an entire column. I’ve decided to put together some of these short stories from time to time in a column titled “Excerpts From the Big Game.” Here’s the first. The game was deuce-to-seven razz in our $300-$600 mix of games. “Crazy Mike” and Barry Greenstein became involved in a pot together. Barry’s board was 2-7-A (keep in mind that an ace is high and bad in this game). Crazy Mike’s board was 2-5-8. Barry had raised on third street and bet on fourth street. Now, it appears that Mike has taken the lead here, as he could have completed an 8 low. Barry can have only an ...

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