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Freeroll Tournaments — Part III

Preflop play with short stacks and mini-stacks

by Bob Ciaffone |  Published: Jun 29, 2011


This is our third in a series of columns on Las Vegas-type freeroll tournaments. These events have very short intervals between raising the blinds, and normally are played without an ante. Jim Brier, Bob Ciaffone’s co-author of Middle Limit Holdem Poker, is a regular player in these events. This column will focus on preflop play with short stacks (10-30 big blinds in chips) and mini-stacks (less than 10 big blinds in chips). When you’re short-stacked or mini-stacked, you must be much more aggressive than normal. The blinds will eat your stack in a hurry if you wait to put chips at risk in as good a spot as you are accustomed to doing in a cash game. Oftentimes, the structure raises the blinds every orbit of the button. Most of your freeroll play will be with a short stack or a mini-stack. If you start out with 2,000 in chips, ...

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