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Taking Chances

It depends on many factors

by Barry Tanenbaum |  Published: Jun 29, 2011


Sometimes in poker you are clearly ahead; at other times, you are clearly behind. Unfortunately, far more often, you are in that ambiguous zone where you have no clear idea exactly where you may be. The trouble is, if you give up every time, your opponents will run over you, and if you elect to fight every time, you will lose more money fairly often. No one can tell you definitely when to keep going and when to give up. It depends (the most famous words in poker, perhaps) on many factors, including: Your image: If you appear to be tight or tough, your opponents may be more likely to concede. Their images: Are they good enough to fold mediocre hands, or are they calling stations? Pot size: This is a double-edged sword. The smaller the pot, the more likely your aggressiveness will convince your opponents to fold. However, it ...

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