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A Poker Life: Steve Brecher

A Poker Life: Steve Brecher

by Ryan Lucchesi |  Published: Jun 07, 2011


Semi-professional poker player Steve Brecher came to the game by a well-traveled path. He started playing poker at the Cameo Club in Palo Alto during his college days at Stanford. The main difference is that while most poker baby boomers were taking this approach to the game around the turn of the 21st century Brecher made his first ventures onto the felt in the mid-to-late sixties. “The first time I played poker was when I was in college about 45 years ago. I played California lowball at the Cameo Club. It was pretty interesting for a couple of reasons. For one the dealers would deal themselves hands, but like blackjack dealers they had to play those hands by certain rules,” said Brecher reminiscing about his earliest poker sessions. Poker was just a passing interest for Brecher at that point in his life because he was at the start of a ...

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