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Look Out: Michael Benvenuti

Look Out: Michael Benvenuti

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Jun 07, 2011


Michael Benvenuti started playing poker a few years ago as a sophomore at the University of Texas. The last few years on the live-poker and virtual felts have been profitable for the 24-year-old poker professional, and the $1,880,240 he has won has paved a path for him from Austin, Texas, to Henderson, Nevada. Benvenuti learned the game primarily online, and he also read a lot of forums to accelerate his learning curve. He made friends in the poker world, so he had people to discuss strategy with regularly. He also read a lot of books to supplement his interaction with other players. “I think the forums are really important, because for one, you get to learn what players are thinking. The game evolves quickly, and that is the best way to keep up with where the game is going. It is definitely a great tool for learning the fundamentals of ...

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