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If You’re Not Slowly Getting Better

You have a couple of options

by John Vorhaus |  Published: Jun 07, 2011


There’s a saying where I come from (the land of made-up sayings or sayings stolen from forgotten sources): If you’re not slowly getting better, you’re slowly getting worse. This saying is applicable in lots of situations. I’ve seen its importance lately in launching my new novel, The Albuquerque Turkey, where I’ve had to leverage absolutely every available resource — Facebook, Twitter, and even slipping rogue mentions into this column — in order to rise above the clutter of new book releases. But I’m not here to talk about promoting novels, I’m here to talk about poker. And, man, if there was ever a realm where the axiom about slowly getting worse is true, it’s poker. This is, of course, not news. You need only ask any “old-timer,” and by old-timer I mean someone who was playing in 2003 or earlier, and he’d tell you that the game is much harder ...

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