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Continuation-Betting — Part I

by Michael Piper |  Published: Mar 01, 2011


As we all know, you should raise more hands in pot-limit Omaha before the flop than you call, most of them in position. Consequently, your most common situation is seeing the flop as the preflop raiser in a heads-up or three-way pot, in position. When checked to, do you automatically continuation-bet (c-bet), for the full pot, or only when you hit? Few people utilise a balanced c-betting strategy — take into account your opponents’ tendencies, remaining stack sizes, previous history, and possible board run-outs, and your c-bets will show a much higher success rate. Against weak opposition, you can reasonably elect to c-bet every flop blind, expecting to win often enough to show healthy profits. Sometimes they call, you hit an unlikely backdoor draw and get paid off; alternatively, the turn is an overcard, you bet again, and he folds. In pot-limit Omaha, you hit roughly one-third of flops well ...

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