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Sports Desk - By Aodhán Elder

By Aodhán Elder

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Mar 01, 2011


Champions League 2011 The common consensus is that fighting battles on two fronts is an energy-sapping drain on resources likely to end in failure. That sounds like the conclusion of some military historian, but equally it’s a notion that has crept into thinking about the Champions League. The demands of extra matches, sponsorship, media commitments, and a seemingly endless blur of departure lounges are reckoned to be too much for the average modern player to deal with, but there is evidence to suggest this is little more than a convenient excuse for managers when the hunt for glory reaches a cul de sac. In the last few years, a trend has emerged in the Champions League. Despite the common perception that domestic glory is difficult to achieve in tandem with European success, the last three winners of the tournament have also added their respective domestic championships to the haul in ...

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