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Swedish Chris Bjorin To Play Poker

by Ryan Lucchesi |  Published: Mar 01, 2011


To truly embody the term winner a player must have played the game and won for the majority of their life. It is long-term success that most professionals in the game chase and the achievement of that goal is one of the most highly respected accomplishments amongst them. Chris Bjorin is exactly that, a player who has supported himself with long-term success by playing poker as a career. In the way you might call a novelist prolific, or an old ballplayer a grizzled veteran, you would refer to Bjorin as a career grinder. He is a player who has seen it all as one of the first to consistently travel from England to play in major poker tournaments in the United States and win while doing it. The Marathon Man Bjorin has 10 pages of results on Card Player’s database pages (only a handful of players have longer lists of ...

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