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Adapting to Change

by Nick Heather |  Published: Mar 01, 2011


It seems like these days the game is changing almost daily. With all the training sites and tracking software, even the bad players are picking spots to three-bet light and adapt better to being isolated and outplayed post-flop. In general, in the past couple of years, the game has gotten a lot tougher. Here’s some thoughts on how to stay somewhat ahead of the curve. Avoiding Rules It seems nearly all regulars in the multi-table tournament community who have had some form of success obey rules such as not raise-folding with 20 big blinds or less, not three-bet folding with 30 big blinds or less, not flat-calling an open with 30 big blinds or less (apart from with big trapping hands). Obviously these rules were made because they were part of a winning strategy, but these days in order to best the higher stakes I think it’s a must to ...

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