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Mind Over Poker: The Cards Play Themselves

by David Apostolico |  Published: Dec 10, 2010


In a tournament, it is often said that when you get to the very end with the blinds very high, the cards play themselves. That is, your choices are going to be fairly obvious based on your cards, chip stack, and position. While I believe that to be a fatalist attitude, there is a lot of truth to it. I will use a recent hand experience of mine to illustrate, and then will discuss the one thing that we can do to lessen the impact of “the cards playing themselves.” We had just eliminated the fourth remaining player, and the following hand was the first in three-handed play. The blinds were 2,000-4,000 with a 500 ante. I was in the small blind with 25,000 behind after posting. The button had about 43,000, and he open-raised to 18,000. I looked down at pocket sevens. Figuring the range of hands that the ...

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