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Head Games: Deep Thoughts on Playing A-K in Tournaments

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Dec 10, 2010


The Pros: Antonio Esfandiari, Greg Raymer, and Sorel Mizzi Craig Tapscott: What are your thoughts on playing A-K and the mistakes that you see people make with that hand? Antonio Esfandiari: I think that A-K is a very good and powerful hand. It can be a monster in tournament poker, but sometimes people think that it’s two aces — and it’s not two aces. Sure, deep in a tournament, a lot of times you just can’t get away from it. But in the early stages, I see many young players who tend to play A-K way too fast. That’s the biggest mistake that I see people make. They’re deep-stacked and will put in their whole stack with A-K, and they don’t even have a pair. I tend to play the hand a little slower, especially preflop, because when you get into a preflop battle while holding A-K and the flop ...

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