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Stages of a TAG — Part V

Now, an expert player

by Ed Miller |  Published: Dec 10, 2010


This series of columns describes a model for player development that I call Stages of a TAG. I think most players go through a series of stages or realizations about no-limit hold’em as they improve their games from rank beginners to decent tight-aggressive (TAG) players and beyond. In total, I have identified 25 stages that I think most players go through, roughly in order, as they improve. This column begins with Stage 21. Stage 21: I should look for large pots that people seem to have given up on and shove my money in. The learning curve for this stage is steep, but the payoff is well worth it. Even though large pots are the ones most worth fighting for, players give up on them all the time. Sometimes they called twice with a draw and missed. Sometimes they tried to pick up the pot with a turn barrel and ...

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