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Listening to Your Gut Instinct, or ESP?

Subconscious “advice”

by Todd Brunson |  Published: Dec 10, 2010


I was teaching a WPT Boot Camp when a student asked me if I believed in listening to my gut when I played poker. I replied that I did, and she said that she did, too, and then proceeded to tell me a story. It seems that there was a decent-size raise to her, and she had Q-9. She said that she had a feeling, so she played it. She flopped two pair, and won a big pot. I felt kind of bad when I had to explain to her that that wasn’t what I meant by listening to my gut. What I meant was that I often listen to my gut instinct when I play poker. A situation will arise and I’ll just get a feeling as to what to do. It’s not always the logical thing, but it usually proves to be right. This doesn’t mean that I’m ...

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