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Poker Wins a Big Court Decision

Circuit Court rules in favor of South Carolina poker players

by Bob Ciaffone |  Published: Nov 27, 2009


Our beloved game of poker has received a big boost from a recent court decision in the state of South Carolina. A group of poker players were busted in a 2006 police raid in the town of Mt. Pleasant, a suburb of Charleston. About 20 of them pleaded guilty and received a small fine. But five of the players, made aware of the serious inadequacies of South Carolina state laws on gambling by a series of three columns in Card Player that I had written concerning a similar prior poker case, bravely chose to fight the charge against them. (These columns appeared in the Dec. 13, 2005, Dec. 27, 2005, and Jan. 10, 2006, issues of Card Player.) The third column referred to South Carolina Statute 16-19-40(a) and was titled “An Unconstitutional Anti-Gambling Statute.” The column stated, “The statute in question cannot legally be used to enforce gambling violations.” Statute ...

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