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Turning a Laydown Into a Confidence-Builder

A good play during a bad session

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Nov 27, 2009


I was catching terrible cards and playing them badly, and was stuck a grand in the $30-$60 limit hold’em game. I’m a perfectionist, and when I’m donking off chips, I know I’ve likely made some mental errors that in hindsight caused me to leave money on the table. Oftentimes, the decisions were close and the expectation lost was negligible. Nonetheless, the money leaving my stack was real. When I feel I’ve made a mental error, I run the situation through my mind several times and make sure that it was not a perspective problem. Just because a play didn’t work, it doesn’t mean that it was an error. But sometimes such situations can leave you looking and feeling pretty stupid. It’s an error only if the thinking was unclear in retrospect. Of course, when the mental errors happen to win you the pot, they give the impression of being much ...

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