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‘Easy’ Things to Do to Win at Poker — Part V

Analyze every situation

by Barry Tanenbaum |  Published: Nov 27, 2009


This series focuses on things you can do at the table to improve your decisions. I am using the following list: • Pay more attention • Select the best games • Learn how your opponents play • Study betting patterns • Analyze every situation • Plan in advance • Play focused on the game • Count the pot • Compute the odds • Figure out how the play might go • Estimate what your opponents think you hold and how you should respond • Then, make a decision My last column discussed observing and learning your opponents’ betting patterns, as well as monitoring your own (all of the columns in this series are available at Now, let’s start putting all of this learning and observing to use. Analyze every situation: Here is a simple example. I was playing in a loose $40-$80 game in which several players saw every ...

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