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No-Limit Hold'em Position

Critical when building a draw

by Bob Ciaffone |  Published: Jan 16, 2008


In poker, "position" refers to whether you act before or after your opponent. Acting first reveals information, so it is harmful to your chances. However, the degree of harm is far from uniform across the full spectrum of hands. So-so hands are hurt more than hands that normally have a clear strategic plan, such as monsters or junk. Flop a set, and you can usually bet and keep betting. If you miss the flop completely, how bad can it be to check and fold? Of all the various hand categories, drawing hands are hurt more by bad position – and helped more by good position – than any other hand type. Let's take a closer look at some concrete situations after the flop with drawing hands, and see the interplay between a drawing hand and a made hand.

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