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World Series of Poker -- Yan Chen Takes Event 14

Familiar Scene Has Very Different Conclusion


Yan ChenMike Wattel and Yan Chen arrived at the final table with hopes of winning a World Series of Poker bracelet, but Chen fell in fifth place and Wattel came up short, busting in third place.

That was last year. This year’s story had a much different ending.

Both players made two WSOP final tables in 2009, including the same final table of the seven-card stud eight-or-better world championship — an event won by Jeffrey Lisandro but a bracelet eluded both of them last summer.

Back in the present, both fought their way to the final table of event No. 14 ($1,500 deuce-to-seven draw lowball) on Monday night, where Wattel and Chen were responsible for every elimination to get heads up, ensuring that this time around one of them would win WSOP gold.

After starting the heads-up battle with relatively even chip stacks it was Chen who eventually pulled away, earning his first WSOP title and the $92,817 first-place prize.

Wattel added another final-table appearance to an already long list, but ultimately he came up just short of winning the WSOP title — an honor he claimed back at the 1999 WSOP in Omaha eight-or-better. He took home a prize of $57,375 for his runner-up finish.

Here’s a look at the final-table results:

1. Yan Chen — $92,817
2. Mike Wattel — $57,375
3. Nick Binger — $37,857
4. Derric Haynie — $25,839
5. Todd Bui — $18,096
6. James Bord — $12,997
7. Alexander Kravchenko — $9,568

Here are the elimination hands from the final table as featured in’s live updates:

KravchenkoKravchenko is The Day’s First Victim, Finishes in Seventh Place ($9,568)

Alexander Kravchenko was all in for his last 35,000 and was called by chip leader Mike Wattel. Kravchenko drew one and Wattel stood pat. Their hands:

Wattel: J-7-6-5-4
Kravchenko: 9-8-4-3-4

Kravchenko paired his 4 and was eliminated in seventh place, taking home $9,568 in prize money. Meanwhile, Wattel saw his stack grow to 310,000.

James BordJames Bord Falls in Sixth Place ($12,997)

James Bord pushed his last 100,000 in and was called by Yan Chen. Bord drew one and Chen stood pat. Their hands:

Bord: 6-5-4-3-3
Chen: 9-7-6-4-3

Chen held the 9-low, and Bord paired his 3. Chen’s stack rose to 423,000, busting Bord in sixth place.

Bui Bounced in Fifth ($18,096)

Todd Bui moved all in for 38,000 from the small blind and Yan Chen called, standing pat. Bui drew one and they showed down:

Chen: 10-8-7-4-3
Bui: 10-6-3-2…Bui drew an ace and he was eliminated in fifth place. Chen soared into the chip lead, with 470,000 in chips.

Derric HaynieEnd of the Road for Haynie, Fourth Place ($25,839)

Derric Haynie had chips to play with but got it all in for 143,000, and after taking a few minutes to think over his decision, Mike Wattel called.

Haynie decided his hand was strong enough to stay pat — 9-8-6-5-3. Unfortunately for him, Wattel had made the right choice to call, staying pat and tabling 8-6-4-3-2.

Haynie was eliminated in fourth place and Wattel increased his stack to around 450,000 in chips.

Nick BingerBinger Falls Short of Heads Up, Out in Third ($37,857)

Nick Binger moved all in one hand after Haynie was eliminated and was called by the man who did Haynie in, Mike Wattel. Binger drew two and Wattel drew one. Their hands:

Wattel: 9-6-5-2… drew a 10
Binger: 7-3-2… drew a 6 and a Queen.

Binger busted in third and the final table was down to two. Wattell and Yan Chen remained, both with around half a million in chips.

Mike WattelWattel Finishes Second ($57,375)

After gradually pulling away from Mike Wattel, Yan Chen held a commanding chip lead when Wattel went all in for the final time.

In that hand, Chen raised to 24,000 and Wattel pushed his last 98,000 in. After some consideration, Chen called and both players stood pat in hopes that their hands were golden. Their cards were:

Wattel: Q-J-10-9-4
Chen: 10-8-7-6-2

Chen’s 10-low bested Wattel’s queen-low and earned him his first WSOP win and the $92,817 that came with it. Wattel took home $57,375 as the runner up.