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Las Vegas Sports Bettor James Holzhauer Finishes Runner-Up In Jeopardy GOAT Tournament

Professional Sports Bettor Earned Another $250,000 For His Runner-Up Finish Against Ken Jennings And Brad Rutter


Las Vegas sports bettor James Holzhauer made Jeopardy! history in 2019 with his epic 32-game winning streak, but can’t call himself the “GOAT” following his runner-up finish in the final match of the Jeopardy! Greatest of All Time tournament that aired on Tuesday evening.

The game show announced last November that Holzhauer would square off against Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter for a seven-figure score and the right to call themselves the best to ever play the game.

All three contestants had a legitimate claim to the title with Jennings holding the record for most consecutive games won with 74, Rutter winning the most tournaments of anyone in Jeopardy! history with 5 (along with $4.3 million in earnings along the way), and Holzhauer putting up mind-boggling single-game numbers throughout his streak. The professional sports bettor averaged a win of $77,000 per game and holds the top 14 spots for single-game winnings leaderboard.

Ultimately, Jennings would win the tournament, earning himself $1 million and the right to call himself the best to ever play the game show.

The tournament was structured as a race to three wins. Jennings and Holzhauer split the first two matches on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week before Jennings earned a victory on last Thursday’s episode to leave him just one victory shy of the title heading into the fourth match of the series.

Jennings uncovered both of the daily doubles in the fourth match, answering both of them correctly to open up a lead over Holzhauer and Rutter.

Jennings took the lead into Final Jeopardy!, and after an incorrect response from both Holzahuaer and Rutter, Jennings secured his title.

Throughout the four-match tournament, Jennings answered 179 of the 192 questions he buzzed in on correctly, good for 92.23 percent clip. Holzhauer actually had a slightly better rate, answering 93.07 percent of questions correctly, while buzzing in on 2020 questions. Rutter only buzzed in 96 times at an 84.4 percent correct answer rate.

Despite the loss, Holzhauer kept a sense of humor about his second-place finish.

As a Las Vegas resident and avid gambler, Holzhauer took a shot at last year’s World Series of Poker.