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Las Vegas Sports Bettor Secures Spot In Final Of Jeopardy Tournament Of Champions

James Holzhauer Won Another $30,156 Tuesday To Secure A Rematch With Emma Boettcher


The professional sports bettor from Las Vegas who made $2.46 million with an epic Jeopardy! 32-game winning streak was back to his old ways Tuesday night.

James Holzhauer secured a spot in the finals of the 2019 Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions Tuesday night with another dominant performance on the show. He won his semifinal matchup against Steven Grade, a sports industry consultant from Atlanta and Rachel Lindgren, an astronomy interpreter from Oregon.

Heading into Final Jeoppardy!, Holzhauer had already secured the victory. He had amassed $30,466 over the first two rounds of play compared to Grade’s $11,400 and Lindgren’s $7,200. Holzhauer answered incorrectly, but only wagered $310 and ended the contest with $30,156.

According to stats from The Jeopardy! Fan, Holzhauer has only given an incorrect answer, in any round, 3 percent of the time.

Last Wednesday, Holzhauer won his quarterfinal matchup against Lindsey Shultz and Alan Dunn for his 33rd career victory. With his win Tuesday, fans of the game show got the matchup they have been waiting for. A rematch of Holzhauer and Emma Boettcher, the librarian from Chicago that ended Holzhauer’s streak in June, in the Tournament of Champions final.

The last, and only time, Boettcher and Holzhauer squared off, the three contestants on stage put on one of the most well-played games on Jeopardy! in history. They combined for a coryat score of $53,200. A perfect score would be $54,000.

Coryat scores are a measure of total clues answered correctly without taking into account any wagering. In that game, only one incorrect answer was given throughout the entire match.

The winner of the final semifinal matchup Wednesday will join Boettcher and Holzhauer in the final round, which will air on Thursday and Friday night.

Through his entire 32-game winning streak, Holzhauer answered correctly 1,154 out of 1,186 times. He averaged a win of $77,000 per game and reached seven-figures in winnings in just 14 games.