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What’s Your EQ?: Part Two

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Oct 09, 2019


Part one of this series defined EQ as your emotional intelligence score and listed five components for poker players: 1. Understanding how emotions affect your own play 2. Controlling your own emotions 3. Understanding how other people emotionally react to you 4. Understanding how other people’s emotions affect their play 5. Manipulating other people’s emotions It asked five questions to help you to understand how well you understand and control your own emotions. That understanding and control are, by far, the most important parts of your Poker EQ. Unfortunately, most players don’t want to analyze either how they feel or how their emotions affect their play. They may be extremely perceptive about their opponents’ feelings and their effects, but not even try to understand how their own feelings cause mistakes. Instead, they pretend these mistakes are rationally-chosen strategic decisions. Daniel Negreanu’s Valuable Lesson One reason for Daniel Negreanu’s extreme success ...

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