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So, You Want To Try Big O

by Gavin Griffin |  Published: Oct 09, 2019


been a few columns since our last discussion of what I like about pot-limit Omaha (PLO) and some tips on how to transition from being a no-limit player to a PLO player. I’ve been playing PLO for most of my time as a professional poker player. It hasn’t always been my main game, but it’s been a game that I can be competent enough in to be able to compete in a game if it’s the best in the room. I’ve always prided myself on being able to play lots of different games so that I can play in a different game when the game I’m in isn’t very good. I’ve only recently started playing Big O. The limit mixed game I had helped put together at my local casino fell apart after a couple of years and a pot-limit Big O game started up. I hadn’t played pot-limit Big ...

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