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Structure Limbo

by Gavin Griffin |  Published: Jul 31, 2019


I’ve been a professional poker player for almost 16 years now. That’s an awfully long time. I have been on both sides of lots of things that have changed in tournaments over that time. I love the big blind ante, it’s probably been the most positive change in tournaments in recent memory. I have been, and always will be against quantum and multiple re-entry tournaments, which have probably been the most negative change in tournaments in recent memory. All three of these things benefit me as a winning poker player. It’s great for me that games are sped up and there is less confusion with the advent of big blind ante. It’s also good for me that tournaments allow me to enter late and increase my hourly by effectively eliminating early levels. Some things that increase my hourly rate are good for the game, and some are bad. I just ...

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