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Real Poker: Betting Strategies: When You Flop An Ace!

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Jul 31, 2019


Game Theory Optimal (GTO) strategies dictate how you play situations in an unexploitable manner. But in low to medium stakes, few, if any of your opponents are thinking on a GTO level. In those games the optimal strategy is mostly a function of how your opponents are going to react. The options are many, and your read of your opponent is important. But once you get good at it, you’ll dominate those games. Say you’re playing no-limit hold’em, you raise a limper in position with A-K. Everyone else folds, and he calls. The flop comes A 2 2. He checks to you. Should you check or bet? And if you bet, how much? You could check, but if your opponent is one who won’t call three streets with an ace, what level of action will he provide if you give him a free card with a hand like Q J, ...

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