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The Golden Rule Of Dramaha

by Kevin Haney |  Published: Jul 31, 2019


Last issue, we introduced the game of Dramaha, which has recently become more popular in mixed cash games at a variety of limits both live and online. It is a split-pot game where the holder of the best five-card draw hand splits the pot with the best Omaha high holding. Many different variants of Dramaha are possible, but the two most popular versions have the draw side won by either the best five-card draw high or the best deuce-to-seven low. Dramaha played for high is typically just referred to as High Dramaha or just plain Dramaha, while the version played for low is specified as Deuce-To-Seven (2-7) Dramaha. For the next few issues we will discuss both extensively, but first, I want to focus on the high version, which in my opinion is the more interesting and cohesive variant. Deuce-To-Seven Dramaha is somewhat awkward in the sense that the best ...

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