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Fast And Furious Fun With Global Poker's Jackpot Sit'N'Gos

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Jul 31, 2019


In February 2019, Global Poker introduced Jackpot Sit’n’Go Tournaments. The wild, rapid, and rewarding twist on traditional Sit’n’Go games, which had been available on the site for years.

Since their launch, Jackpot Sit’n’Go Tournaments have led to players redeeming more than $20 million in real cash prizes! Is it any wonder that more and more players are flocking to Global Poker, making it the true home of online social poker in America?
Here, we’ll take you on the journey from the beginning. You’ll see what the differences are with Sit’n’Go tournaments, hear from some of Global Poker’s most successful players, and we’ll even give you some strategies for making the most of this fantastic addition to the Global Poker platform.

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” We don’t usually quote grand philosophers, but we have to give credit where it’s due; Dr Seuss sure nailed it with that saying.

Before embarking on a Jackpot Sit’n’Go Tournament you won’t know just how important it might be. They’re designed to move quickly. It’s a heart-pounding, breathtaking, flurry of activity, with the final moments featuring an intense heads up battle. After a final push, it’s all over. If you’re skillful and lucky, you’ll have very happy memories to last you a lifetime (or the next one you play, because they’re so much fun!) Global Poker Jackpot Sit’n’Go Tournaments are the most rewarding experience you can have online with two other people!

Global Poker is always looking to increase the features offered and cater to a broad spectrum of poker players. Launching with a solid range of games, the site has continuously added to the selection and is never satisfied with just ‘good enough.’ Recent improvements have seen the launch of a new website – with revised and new content, improved user experience within the game client and the introduction of more tournaments and competitions.

Examples of these changes and updates include the Ship It Series Cruise, Kurt Busch Signature Series – which revolves around Global Poker’s sponsorship of NASCAR driver Kurt Busch and his race to hit Victory Lane in the 2019 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series and the Global Poker Grand Slam Tournament giving winners tickets to Cleveland’s All Star Week at Progressive Field and ties in with Global Poker’s official partnership with the Cleveland Indians.

However, these updates aren’t only promotion and game-related; there are updates to the game client too, such as allowing players to verify their account from within the site. Verified account holders have increased purchase limits, and also redeem Global Poker’s famous $weeps Cash™ winnings even easier.

With all these updates, it should come as no surprise therefore, that in response to requests from fans and players, Global Poker would add the jackpot-enabled, three-seater, hyper-turbo version of their popular Sit’n’Go. Since launching in February, Jackpot Sit’n’Go Tournaments have been crowd-pleasers across the board. As mentioned above, there are more than 20 million reasons for you to get involved. A tantalizing number for a game that lasts but a few moments.

Getting started is very simple; select your buy-in amount and hit register and you’ll be shown to your seat at the table. Once there are three players in the game, the jackpot multiplier is randomly generated – anywhere from two to 2,000 times the buy-in – and the action begins!

If a single Jackpot Sit’n’Go isn’t enough, you can select up to four tournaments at once, which open in different tabs, so you can play four at the same time, for maximum adrenaline thrills and wins.

They initially launched with a maximum buy-in of 50,000 Gold Coins or SC$50, meaning the biggest jackpot you could find yourself competing for was 100,000,000 Gold Coins or SC$100,000 respectively.

The majority of Jackpot Sit’n’Go Tournaments are “winner-takes-all,” with the exception of the highest jackpot level – 2000 times multiplier. With this prize pool, first place receives 75 percent of the prize pool, second place receives 15 percent, leaving the remaining 10 percent for third place. Still, SC$10,000 for third doesn’t seem half bad for some swift work at the virtual felt!

And here’s another nice touch – depending on the multiplier, the color of the felt on the table changes. You’ll feel a zing of excitement as the randomly generated prize pool multiplier whirrs and the color of the felt reflects whatever the result is. A gray felt is for two times your buy-in, blue means four times and cyan means six times. Getting into the more exciting multipliers, purple for 20 times, red means 50 times, and get even more pumped when it’s green for 100 times your buy-in and the golden felt means it’s the biggest, most daunting and exciting multiplier – 2,000 times your buy-in! When you see gold, you’re in for something big!

After the roaring success of the initial selection of buy-ins and listening to players looking for bigger action, Global Poker added another $weeps Cash™ buy-in amount of SC$100, meaning the top jackpot was a whopping SC$200,000! The same rules apply of the percentage breakdown of the total jackpot, and it’s still amazing to think how for coming third you’re still guaranteed SC$20,000!

Some skeptics among you might think it’s unlikely that the massive 2000 times multiplier will land, so let’s just put things in perspective. Sure, these 2000 times multipliers don’t land every day. But your chances are pretty good when you put them in context; you never know, it might make you feel more optimistic!

To keep things simple, let’s say that the odds of winning either the Powerball or Mega Millions are approximately one in 175 million. Yet, in spite of those odds, according to a Gallup poll, almost half of Americans have bought a lottery ticket in the last 12 months! You’ve got a greater chance of breaking a bone (or worse, but we don’t want to put you on tilt) from falling out of bed – one in two million – than you have of hitting the lottery. Mind you, despite Spielberg changing the way the world sees sharks and shark attacks, you’re more likely to win the lottery than be attacked by a shark – only one in 300 million chance of that happening!

So when we tell you the chance of hitting the 2,000 times multiplier jackpot is 1 in 50,000, you’ll have to agree that’s pretty good. And although there might be a few sharks among the players on Global Poker, we’re pretty sure you’ll find most players are friendly, casual players looking for a little nibble.

Jackpot Sit’n’Go Tournaments are available on both Gold Coin and $weeps Cash™ tables, and you can choose from a range of buy-ins – GC500, GC2,000, GC6,000, GC15,000, GC50,000 and SC$2, SC$6, SC$12, SC$20, SC$50 and SC$100.

Grizzly Games II Tournament of Champions winner, doctor, and new father Branden ‘Reraise1986’ Quinlan of Kentucky said, “I’ve played a few Jackpot Sit’n’Gos, they’re fast and if I don’t have a lot of time, I can fit them in when I’m taking a break. They’re a lot of fun.”

Rattlesnake Open II Tournament of Champions winner, the provocatively named ‘KanyeTrump2020’ of Texas, loves to see the felt color change and keeps his fingers crossed he’ll see something in the bigger multipliers. “I’ve only had a few tables turn purple and red, but it’s really cool seeing it change and know you’re playing for so many times your buy-in. Global Poker is the only place I play right now. I’ve got lots of choices around where I live, but I don’t go anywhere else but Global Poker.”

Unlike some tournaments, Jackpot Sit’n’Go Tournaments take a fraction of the time, so no more sitting through hours (and sometimes days) of play. Get in there, get it done and get out! So get the most from your Jackpot Sit’n’Go Tournament with the following suggestions.

It sounds like a no-brainer, but you should play more hands! On Global Poker you can play up to four Jackpot Sit’n’Go tables at once, so you’re already improving your chances. Although we said there aren’t so many sharks out there, Global Poker is home to many excellent players, so don’t expect it to be easy! As you would expect, you’re more likely to find newer players at the smaller buy-in tables, so check out the GC500 and GC2,000 or SC$2 and SC$6 (on $weeps CashTM tables) buy-in tournaments and work your way up from there!

Because there are fewer players at the table, you should increase your pre-flop aggression by expanding your betting/raising range to include more value bets and bluffs. In general, you’ll find that the lower the buy-in, the more hands you should play and you should be playing more aggressively.

Typically, lower-buy-in opponents will fold to aggression, both pre- and post-flop; they will also under-bluff in many situations, particularly on the river; and they will generally not be prepared for an aggressive game plan. That’s why you should increase your aggression, to increase the likelihood that others will fold to you!

In short, you can improve your Jackpot Sit’n’Go performance by expanding your preflop ranges to account for the short-handed play, develop a detailed preflop hand-selection strategy and you can balance your ranges while learning the best way to deviate from that balance to suit your needs. And make sure you watch your opponents’ play. It can be tricky when the action moves so quickly, but when you start off with lower buy-ins, you have some opportunities to learn. Watch your opponents; if one of them is playing more aggressively preflop, why not try limping some buttons when you reach heads up?

Whatever your level of experience and skill, there is a Jackpot Sit’n’Go for you.
They’re fun, fast, with the potential to change your life and an adrenaline rush like no other!

Many players have already won life-changing prizes and Global Poker is excited to give its fantastic community of players the best prizes while playing the best poker available online. With the big summer series on so many people’s mind during the summer, playing on Global Poker means there’s no need to go to Vegas to win big. Across every platform and device, Global Poker gives you a little bit of Vegas whenever.

With a wide range of poker variants, formats and buy-ins, there’s something for everyone. Head to to learn more, and to get in on the chance to win real cash prizes. ♠

If you’re ready to start winning, don’t wait, sign up for Global Poker today and get started playing.

Join the action in the fastest-growing poker room in the world with Global Poker.

If you have been around poker players in the United States lately then you have probably heard about Global Poker. The new kid on the block as far as online poker sites go has taken the poker world by storm. After launching, Global Poker has cemented itself among the top 10 sites worldwide for player volume and as the fastest growing site for US players.

It doesn’t matter what your stake or preference is, Global Poker has something for you. Using their virtual currency of $weeps Cash players can enjoy both full ring and shorthanded games from stakes of $0.02-$0.04 right up to $10-$20 in both Texas hold’em and Omaha.

You may be asking yourself “what is $weeps Cash and what is it about them that has made Global Poker the most popular new site among US poker players?” The good news is that it is actually a simple process which more and more players are using to play for real cash prizes.

You can jump onto the Global Poker website and purchase a virtual currency called Gold Coins. You can then use these Gold Coins to enter into ring games, sit n go’s and tournaments. Gold Coins work much the same as play money chips on other poker sites, meaning that you can accumulate them and use them in different games but they can never be redeemed for real money.

As a way to promote the sale of Gold Coins, players are given bonus sweepstakes prizes by way of $weeps Cash with every Gold Coin purchase that they make. The $weeps Cash can be used to buy into the $weeps Cash tournaments and ring games, however, any of these that are accumulated or won can be cashed out as real cash prizes.