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Contracts and Poker: Taking Advantage of the Rules

by Scott J. Burnham |  Published: Nov 21, 2018


If you google the 2011 EPT Grand Final Madrid, you will find a blatant example of angle-shooting. Facing a bet on the river, a player carves out from his stack the chips needed to call and pushes them forward while saying, “Raise.” He then immediately says that he meant call, noting that his English is not good. The Tournament Director (TD) is called over. The TD knows that the player had pulled this stunt earlier when he had the nuts. What should the TD do? Should the floor intervene in a situation where a player uses the rules to his advantage? The Tournament Directors Association naturally encourages players to know the rules it promulgates. Of course, one with knowledge can often take advantage of that knowledge. A reader of this column knows that I have made a hobby out of knowing the rules, and I confess that I have not ...

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