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Real Poker: Denying Equity

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Nov 21, 2018


A lot of poker literature incorrectly states there are only two main reasons to bet; to obtain value from an inferior hand when your opponent(s) call, or to fold a superior holding to yours and win the pot. Sometimes these concepts overlap as in when you bet a draw with cards to come, hoping for a fold, but the additional value in the possibility of making the best hand increases the wager’s expected value (EV). And while there are many other reasons to bet, there is one major reason that should always be factored into your analysis; to deny your opponent(s) any equity their hand may possess. Denying an opponent(s) equity is achieved by instigating folds with cards to come and thereby removing any chance of their winning. For example, you raise preflop with the A 10 in no-limit and are called by an opponent who holds the Q J. ...

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