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First, A Beginner

by Gavin Griffin |  Published: Oct 24, 2018


It’s been almost two years, but we finally got a $20-$40 limit mixed game going again at my local casino last night. It was a good mix of games: pineapple stud eight-or-better, A-5 triple draw, pot-limit Omaha, badeucey, Omaha eight-or-better, and badugi. It was also a good mix of players, some old hat and some brand new. We had people who were regulars in the game that died off previously and some people who were interested in playing the game for the first time. The night went well except for a few hiccups. Someone who I’ve played poker with on many occasions got out of line with the dealers and it affected the mood of the game, and that’s unacceptable in this situation. We were playing badugi. If you haven’t played it, it has a different format from any other game we played that night and it’s certainly different than ...

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